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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for The F.I.L.M. Project.

Doctors save lives!
Teachers shape our future!
AND Photographers preserve memories forever!

The F.I.L.M. Project allows you to use your gift and talent of photography to give back to others in your community in a way that will be treasured for generations to come.

By becoming a F.I.L.M. Photographer, you are not only touching lives, you are taking on a huge responsibility. You have a responsibility to these families who are entrusting you with their delicate emotions, their loved ones, and their portraits. F.I.L.M. looks for volunteers in every city in every state and now in other countries.

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the ARRC Committee within 4-6 weeks. ARRC Committee Members will consider the such things such as lighting, professionalism, quality, editing ability, and overall skill level in the approval process.

Please understand that the focus of our review committee is finding candidates that demonstrate a specific focus on family portrait photography. These reviews are not a reflection of your specific talents in other forms of photography, i.e. fine art, landscape, HDR, street, etc. however if family portraiture is not present in your portfolio we can not accept you for a professional photographer position.

The following items must be present in your portfolio:
1) Professional website, an online portfolio such as SmugMug, or a professional presence on a social media site. A site containing broken links, spelling errors etc. will not be accepted.
2) Professional FAMILY PORTRAIT portfolio that exemplifies a professional level of experience in family portraiture

Acceptance letters are sent out around the 1st of every month via email.

Our organization recognizes the importance of your hard work and the donation of your valuable time. Therefore, we do NOT require or ask our photographers to donate or purchase any products for our families above and beyond the disc of images you provide. If you choose to give your families the gift of prints or other products we ask that you please contact us prior to doing so, so we can keep the family's file updated.

NOTE: If you don't hear back from us in regards to your application please don't get discouraged. First check to make sure you received a confirmation email that your application went through.

Once you receive an official acceptance letter email, you will then begin a brief training process. Please watch your email closely. This email is typically titled "Photographer Training".

Congratulations on taking the first step towards helping the many families out there that need our services! Please help us spread the word!

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Please list any non-profit organizations for which you are currently volunteering or any for which you have volunteered in the past.
Why would you like to become a volunteer with The F.I.L.M. Project?
Describe your personal experience with someone who has a life-limiting illness.
Are you able to accommodate shooting a session within 5 days of accepting an assignment, even if you must change your personal schedule?
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